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We provide information, consultation, advice and all the way through to full representation. We have a passion for assisting you in achieving your Australian dream and the service we provide is always customised to your needs.   


Visa Advice

It all starts here. There is nothing more crucial than receiving the reliable advice that is going to guide you while you are preparing you visa application, during the time it is being processed and what you can do after a decision is made on your visa application.


We listen to our clients and ask them questions, sometimes too many questions, to the extent necessary to understand their immediate and long-term objectives. We carefully consider each client's circumstances while exploring their options, we make sure that every written advice presented to our clients is comprehensive and tailored to their needs.We are never hesitant to share our concerns with clients or to candidly advise them on their prospects to achieve their goals.

Visa Application

After collecting information, knowing your options and understanding the process, It is the time to take action by preparing and lodging your visa application. This is more than filling gaps on application forms. Each type of visa has its unique requirements, visa applications can be quite complex and in many cases, you are expected to carefully articulate your responses to show the decision maker that your visa application meets the visa requirements. Failure to provide correct answers or inconsistency in the information you provide on application forms could result in applications being refused.  To achieve a positive outcome, your answers should demonstrate that your circumstances and purpose of your travel satisfy the requirements of the type of visa you are applying for. All visa applications are freely available from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.  


Whether you want to do it yourself or to entirely rely on us in managing your case, our experienced Registered Migration Agents can help you in understudying your visa application, preparing the supporting documents and drafting a legal submission that stands every chance of winning.  

Merit Review

Not every visa application is successful. The merit review refers to the process of appealing the unfavourable decisions made to refuse visa applications. 


Not every refused visa is merit reviewable. In general, most visa applications made outside Australia cannot be reviewed and most visa applications made while the applicants are in Australia are merit reviewable. Usually, the visa refusal letter clearly states whether or not the decision made to refused the visa can or cannot be reviewed by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT). When you appeal a decision,  the AAT may or may not change the initial decision made on the application. It may also refer the case back to the Immigration for reconsideration.


Our experienced Registered Migration Agents can advise you on the appeal process, your prospect to succeed, prepare the legal submission and represent you with the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT). 

Ministerial Intervention

In some cases or when other avenues are exhausted,  the Immigration Minister has the power to intervene and make a decision different to the one initially made by the Immigration Department or by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT). Ministerial intervention applications are complex and can be daunting for many as they usually require substantial research and evidencing.


We can assess your case and advise on the potential outcomes of the process. Our experienced staff can help you in preparing your application for ministerial intervention, eloquently articulating your case and professionally presenting it within the relevant guidelines. 


Citizenship Application

Applying for Australian citizen is a straightforward process for many as the eligibility requirements are relatively simple in comparison with any visa requirements. However, people circumstances sometimes prevent them from meeting the general requirements. For example, not being able to meet the general residency requirement or to attend their Citizenship Ceremony onshore.

The Citizenship Law provides concessions from meeting some of the eligibility requirements provided that certain conditions are satisfied. Should you have any question about your citizenship application process, bring it to our attention and we will make every effort to help you achieve your objectives.

Other Services

Whether it is a visa cancellation, character or health issue, obtaining evidence or writing reports, skills assessment or state nomination..., someone is here for you, guiding your all the way to fully realise your rights under the  Australian Migration Law.   

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