Who we are 

Austravisa Migration Solutions is not affiliated with the Australian Government but is an independent Australian business entity that specialises in migration law and visa procedures.  We endeavour to empower our clients to pursue opportunities and fully realise their rights under the Australian Migration Law 


Australavsia Migration Solutions provides visa advice, migration information and case management to individuals, families and businesses. We guide and represent our clients with the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection, other Australian authorities and non-government agencies to achieve their migration goal.  From the initial stages of visa application through to the end, our team of consultants and case workers make sure the process of migration is seamlessly comfortable.


As part of our underlying philosophy to migration law practice, we help our clients understand the law, the requirements, and the process. Through our comprehensive consultation process, we empower our clients to become full participants in their case. We strive to take the mystery out of the process. By doing so, our clients can be more involved in their case and have more control over a legal procedure that often is unpredictable and emotionally daunting. We believe that an educated client is the best client. 


Our team of Registered Migration Agents is committed to the highest level of legal excellence, impeccable ethical standards, and outstanding client service. This effective collection of professionals is always ready to respond to your needs.